Please be aware of a fundraising SCAM that is being done in our name. A group named has taken information from public records about our booster club, as well as most Coppell High School non-profit groups, and set up a fundraising campaign (similar to a go fund me account).

Because they captured information from public tax records they are able to make it look like it is something WE set up. THEY DID THIS WITHOUT OUR APPROVAL.  Any funds they collect would only come to our booster club if we were to agree to their conditions (which we have NO DESIRE to do). If we do not agree to their conditions they will keep all proceeds.

We sent them a letter demanding this be stopped immediately, and we are in the process of contacting the Texas Attorney General’s office.  In the meantime, PLEASE DO NOT DONATE ANY FUNDS TO THIS GROUP!

We appreciate all that you do to make our team and facility the absolute best in Texas.  Anytime our boosters raise funds, it will be done directly, not through a third party.  We encourage you and your friends not to give to any charity through this organization.  If you do, there is a great likelihood the charity will not see any of those funds.