JV 2Feb. 13, 2017 - The Coppell High School tennis program continued their hot streak last week by stringing together 1st, 2nd, and 4th place tournament finishes.

On Tuesday the Coppell JV tennis squad finished 1st in the Fossil Ridge tournament. Medalists were:

1st placePranjal Jain & Vikram Murugan (A doubles), Clark Parlier & Elias Diaz (B doubles), Jacob Nelson & Rifhat Sindhi (B mixed), and Nemo Mohan & Swapnika Alahari (B doubles)

2nd placeManes Mishra (A singles), Sonakshi Chaturvedi (A singles), and Reagan Stone & Rishika Rakwal (A doubles)

3rd place - Rishi Vontivillu (B singles), and Rui Gong & Meghana Vadlamudi (A mixed)

Another JV squad followed up on Wednesday with a second place finish at the Maurader tournament. Medalists in that tournament were:

Sydney Nguyen (2nd A singles), Adam Moussa (3rd A singles), Smirthi Venkatraman (3rd B singles), and Abirami Krishnamoorthy & Sanya Bhatt (3rd B doubles)