Mon, Feb 12 Mon, Apr 2
  East vs North CHS   East vs West CHS
  Heritage vs Carroll CSHS   North vs Dawson CSHS
  Dawson vs Grapevine GHS   Carroll vs Cross Timbers CHHS
  Cross Timb vs Colleyville CHHS   Grapevine vs Heritage GHS
  West  bye   Colleyville bye
  Tues, Feb 20 Mon, Apr 9
  Grapevine vs North CHS   North vs West CHS
  West vs Carroll CSHS   Dawson vs Heritage CSHS
  Dawson vs Colleyville CHHS   Cross Timbers vs Grapevine GHS
  East vs Heritage GHS   East vs Colleyville CHHS
  Cross Timbers bye   Carroll  bye
  Mon, Feb 26 Mon, Apr 16
  Grapevine vs West CHS   Heritage vs West CHS
  Colleyville vs Carroll CSHS   Carroll vs Dawson CSHS
  East vs Cross Timb GHS   North vs Cross Timb CHHS
  North vs Heritage CHHS   Colleyville vs Grapevine GHS
  Dawson bye   East bye
  Mon, Mar 5 Mon, Apr 23
  Carroll vs North CHS   Dawson vs West CHS
  Cross Timb vs Dawson CSHS   East vs Carroll CSHS
  East vs Grapevine GHS   Colleyville vs North CHHS
  West vs Colleyville CHHS   Heritage vs Cross Timb GHS
  Heritage bye   Grapevine  bye
  Mon, Mar 19 Abbreviation Legend:
  Dawson vs East CHS   CHS = Coppell High School  
  Grapevine vs Carroll CSHS   CSHS = Carroll Senior High School
  West vs Cross Timb GHS   CHHS = Colleyville Heritage High School
  Colleyville vs Heritage CHHS   GHS = Grapevine High School  
  North bye      


Download a PDF version of the schedule by clicking the link below...

Coppell MS 2018 Tennis Schedule