Adult Tennis Leagues

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As a part of its promotion of tennis as a lifetime sport, the Coppell Tennis Center encourages adults to join and participate in tennis leagues.  There are two (2) leagues which provide opportunities for adults to play at the Coppell Tennis Center, and indicated below are links to each...

Tennis Center Hours

All hours are SEASONAL and subject to change according to reserved courts.  Please call to insure yourself a court. There is a small hourly fee to use the courts.

  • Monday - Thursday:  (during School Year) 8:00am-9:00pm
  • Monday - Thursday:  (Summer) 3:00pm-9:00pm
  • Friday:  (during School Year) 8:00am-4:00pm
  • Friday:  (Summer) CLOSED
  • Saturday - Variable, please CALL
  • Sunday - Variable, please CALL 

Please Note:




Tennis Instructors & Lessons

The Coppell Tennis Center provides a wide selection of highly qualified and experienced professional tennis instructors, for both private and group lessons, for beginners all the way to Super Championship level players.  Indicated below are the instructors available for lessons at the Coppell Tennis Center, as well as a listing of the current slection of group lessons.

Instructor Phone $HR Comments
Jane Jackson 469-583-6647 $75 Head Coach 35 years
Robert Barry 817-875-5847 $70 Nat'l Champ Jr Devel Dir 11 years
Rob Vadala
972-207-8977 $60
June Cliff 972-343-8011 $50
Ros Dalrymple 972-754-7972 $50
Warren Graddick 972-829-5144 $50
Josh Abaya 214-606-0951 $45
Group Lessons - Level Time Days Cost/HR
Beginners, 5-6 years old 4:00-5:00pm Mon, Wed $15 per HR
Beginners, 7-11 years old 4:00-5:00pm Mon, Wed $15 per HR
Intermediate, 12-16 years old 5:00-6:30pm Mon, Wed, Thu $20 per 1.5 HRs
Advanced High School 6:30-8:30pm Mon, Wed, Thu $25 per 2 HRs
Champs 6:30-8:30pm Mon, Wed, Thu $25 per 2 HRs
Super Champs 6:30-8:30pm Mon, Wed, Thu $25 per 2 HRs
Adult Ladies 9:00-10:30pm Mon $20 per 1.5 HRs
Adult Ladies 9:00-10:30pm Thu $20 per 1.5 HRs
ALL 7:30-9:00pm Mon $15 per 1.5 HRs